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40k Apocalypse -The Chilli Con Carnage

The Alpha X-Wing Tournament 200pts Extended.

Warhammer 40k Singles Tournament – 2,000 points

The Alpha Winter Bowl – Blood Bowl Tournament

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Alpha Games is a family business that aims to combine our enthusiasm for tabletop gaming, models, painting and trading card games with a desire to provide outstanding customer service and build a community where newcomers and long standing enthusiasts can come together and share a passion for gaming.

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Alpha Games has a wide variety of stock in store including popular well known tabletop games such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Magic the Gathering, Bolt Action, X-Wing and also more niche offerings.

Many gaming accessories are also available including paints, die sets, card sleeves, cases, foam inserts and folders.

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Our store also provides a number of gaming tables that are open for public use, one room for card and board games and a larger room with larger tables for war games etc.