Warhammer 40k League

Alpha Games is pleased to announce our first Warhammer 40k League Event brought to you in association with Mr Simon Cooper!
Simon has designed the rules for this league so big thanks to him for getting this up and running!

Players for this event will be capped at 16, so if you want to book a spot then send us a message.
The league will be kicking off on Thursday the 2nd of May to give people a chance to get any last minute painting done!

Thursday nights at Alpha will be League nights, with spot prizes available, but you can play your games any day/night that you wish.

League Rules….
£10 entry.
Each player submits 2k list which cannot be changed until the playoffs.
Players must nominate a Codex as their main army / detachment and can use up to TWO detachments per game.
Your 2nd detachment can be from a different codex but you don’t get CP’s or access to the stratagems for the second detachment if not from the same codex.
Eg Knights main Guard secondary.
You get to use all stratagems and CP’s generated by Knights but you can’t use the CPs or Stratagems for Guard.

All armies should be aiming for minimal 3 colours and based and there will be points awarded each game ( see below) but grey armies welcome.

The 16 players will be separated randomly into 4 groups called A,B,C,D where each players in the league will play each other.
After everyone has played everyone in their group, the top 2 of each group qualify for the knockout stages.
1st place A will face 2nd place B
1st place B will face 2nd place A
And so on.
The winners of these games will progress to the quarter finals and after that the final.

We will use pre determined ETERNAL WAR missions with pre determined missions but the final will be rolled randomly at the time.

Group games:
Game 1
Supplies from Above = Search And Destroy

Game 2
Vital Intelligence= Front Line Assault

Game 3
Cut Off the Head = Vanguard Strike

Play-off games:
Game 4
Narrow the Search = Hammer And Anvil

Game 5
The Four Pillars = Spearhead

Points will be….
100 pts + victory points for a win
50 pts + victory points for a draw
0 points + victory points for a loss

There’s also points up for grabs for painting.
3 points for above and beyond.
2 points for fully painted to specifications
1 points for some grey and painted
0 points for full grey

Time frame.
When we put you in a group you will have 6 weeks to fulfil your 3 group games with the play-offs and final organised after that, you can do this anyway you like but it will be organised between you and the other player in your group.

After each game report the results to either Simon Cooper or Chris at Alpha.
If by the end of the 6 weeks you haven’t fulfilled your games the outstanding games will be recorded as a draw with 0 VPs.