Star Wars Legion Tournament

Help shape the fate of the Galactic civil war in Alpha Games’ next Star Wars Legion event!

We have a great community of Legion players, so if you are a grizzled veteran of many battles or a raw recruit looking to enter the fray this is a great chance to meet some like-minded people and get a great day of gaming in!

3 rounds.
Swiss format.
800 points.
£10 Entry cost if booked in advance, £15 on the day.

Star Wars Legion10.00 GBP
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Prize support from a OP Kit from FFG
All levels of players welcome.
Drinks and snacks available on site.
Ample parking.

11:00 Registration
11:30 Round 1 begins
14:00 Round 1 ends
14:15 Round 2 begins
16:45 Round 2 ends
17:00 Round 3 begins
19:30 Round 3 ends
19:55 Prizes and closing

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament – 1750 points

Army Lists are to be selected to a maximum of 1750 points. You can select units from the matched play profiles from the General’s Handbook 2019, Battletomes, Forgeworld and Endless Spells from Malign Sorcery/Battletomes.

Every Player will be expected to use the most recent version of any Warscroll in the case of duplicates.

As well as selecting artifacts from your Battletome (or Grand alliance), you can also state your army is from one of the Realms as per page 79 of Malign Sorcery. This will allow you to select Artefacts of the Realms for your army as described there.

Lists are to be submitted on the day. You will also need a second copy to show your opponents. Before Game One, please exchange army lists with your opponent and spend a couple of minutes checking for errors.

Allegiance, Realm, General, Command Traits, Artifacts, Battletome specific spells etc are all to be picked on your army list and should not change over the course of the event.

All current GW FAQs will be in use -



The 3 games will be played using Battleplans from both the Core Book and the General’s Handbook 2019.

The three Battleplans being used over the day will be announced on the day itself so no player has an unfair advantage.

Each Battleplan will tell you how to determine the winner for each game. Your result will earn you an amount of Tournament points based in the result.

There are 30 Tournament Points (TPs) available . Each game has 10TPs up for grabs and will be awarded in the following manner;

• Major Victory – 10
• Minor Victory – 8
• Draw – 5
• Minor Loss – 2
• Major Loss – 0

Most Major Victories will be the first tie-break with Strength of Schedule as the second tie-break (the combined score of your three opponents)


3 rounds.

Prize support (exact amounts dependent on player numbers).

Please bring dice/rulebooks/index books and other gaming accessories that you will need.

We’ll be on 6×4 tables.

The pairings for each round will use a ‘swiss’ system which will pair people together on the same/similar record.

11:00 Registration
11:30 Round 1 begins
14:00 Round 1 ends
14:15 Round 2 begins
16:45 Round 2 ends
17:00 Round 3 begins
19:30 Round 3 ends
19:45 Prizes and closing

Advanced tickets are £10 , £15 on the day.

40k Singles 2000pt10.00 GBP
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Ample parking
Food and drink available on site

Warhammer Underworlds Tournament

Welcome to our New Shadespire event!
£10 entry if booked in advance, £15 on the day.

Warhammer Underworlds Tournament10.00 GBP
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Prize support will be from the current OP kit.

The event will be using the Matched play rules as found in the WU: Underworlds Rulebook.

Best of three matches.You’ll declare your Warband and Deck at Registration (and use the same all day) rather than choose at the start of each game.

The event will consist of 3 or more rounds depending on the number of players. (1-8 = 3 rounds, 9-16 = 4 rounds, etc.)

Round 1 starts at 12 noon.


Each round will last 90 minutes. The first round draw will be a random draw but 2nd and subsequent rounds will be done by swiss. There will be a short 5-10 minute break between the games. If time is called in the round and you are still playing complete the game round you are on (activation and end phase) and proceed to the Victory phase (skipping any further rounds if you haven’t started them).

What do you need to bring:

– a WU Warband (models & matching fighter cards)
– at least 1 WU board
– a set of dice, objectives 1-5 and set of tokens you’ll need to play a game of WU with
– a minimum 20 card power deck
– a 12 card objective deck

Standard Deck construction rules apply as found in the rulebook and any Errata’s and FAQ’s including any banned and restricted cards.

At the end of the game work out who has won using standard Victory conditions after the End Phase of Round 3 (see the Rulebook for more info). Play a best of 3.

Alpha Games NAF Blood Bowl Mutatotor Cup

Alpha Games next Blood Bowl event!

The event will be played using the current Blood Bowl Rules.
All NAF approved teams may be used in this event. Number of rounds depend on number of players.

All coaches will have 1,100,000 to purchase their team, as per the rule-books and the teams of legend PDF.

Star players may be selected if you already have 11 rostered players. If, however, both you and an opponent are using the same star player, neither team may use them (as they have been double booked and can’t play for both teams).

Wizards and special play cards may not be used but all other inducements may be selected (Bribes, Halfling Master Chef, etc.)

Skill package will be as follows:
• Tier 1 teams will gain 4 skills. Amazons, Bretonnians, Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Orcs, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elves
• Tier 2 teams will gain 5 skills. Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elves, Humans, Khemri, Necromantic
• Tier 3 teams will gain 6 skills, one of which may be a double. Daemons of Khorne, Chaos, Nurgle’s Rotters, Slann, Underworld Denizens, Vampires
• Tier 4 teams will gain 8 skills, two of which may be doubles. Goblins, Halflings, Ogres
• Rostered players may only ever receive a single skill.
• Stat increases may not be awarded.

The Mutatotor is a resurrection style tournament so all injuries are forgotten after each match. Raise The Dead spells for Undead and Necromantic will only give you the free zombie for that game.

The Mutatotor!

The Mutatotor visits the dressing rooms of the teams before each match and bestows his gifts upon some of the players!
At the start of the first round each coach will be given three mutation cards or tokens at random! These are to be used as follows throughout the day. A player can be given one (and only one) of these mutations before any match. The skill lasts for the duration of the round after which the card/token will be collected and is used for the day! You may use any number of mutations at the start of a round. I.e. you may use all three of your mutations in round one but have none for the duration or you may use one in each round. It’s up to you!

• 30 points for a win
• 15 points for a draw
• 0 points for a loss
• 1 point per casualty caused (max 3 points)
• 1 point per touchdown scored (max 3 points)
• Blocking, fouling and crowd push casualties will count towards your casualty score. Failed dodges, GFI’s or kick-off result injuries will not count.

There will be prizes for taking part are:
-Overall Winner
-Runner Up
-Most Casualties
-Most Touchdowns
-Highest Placing Under 16 Year Old
-Highest Placing Tier 4 Team (the Stunty Cup)
-Wooden Spoon

Prizes will be shared in a friendly way, i.e. if you win and score most casualties the next highest casualty causing coach will receive that prize.

Please bring your own pitch, dice, templates, etc. (i.e. everything you should need to play).

£10 entry in advance. £15 after 26th August.
Number of rounds depending on player numbers.

Secure your place and buy now.

Blood Bowl Mutator Cup10.00 GBP
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

The Alpha X-Wing Tournament 200pts Hyperspace.

Our next X-Wing event, 200 points Hyperspace Format with prizes from an FFG Deluxe OP Kit.

200 points.
Hyperspace format.
4 rounds.
£10 entry in advance or £15 on the day.
Prize support – FFG Deluxe OP kit.

The Alpha X-Wing Tournament10.00 GBPX-Wing 200pt Tournament ticket
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Limited to 24 players.

Drinks and snacks available on site.
Beginners are as welcome as veterans.
Ample parking.

A Game of Thrones LCG (2nd Edition)

Alpha Games is proud to announce our next tournament for AGoT LCG 2nd edition


This tournament will use the standard tournament rules for A Game of Thrones The Card game. Each player will need a 60 card deck minimum following the standard rules for deck construction.

Tournament Rules;

Results will be recorded against Jousting Pavilion. All card packs released up until Friday 30th August will be legal.


Players will compete in a number of 55-minute swiss rounds against a single opponent. There will be a minimum of 4 rounds of swiss, possibly followed by a cut based on the total number of participants.

Based on 12 players we expect the schedule to run as follows;

11:00 – Shop opens
11:00 – 11:30 – Registration
11.30 – 12.25 Round 1
12:30 – 13:25 Round 2
13:25 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 14:55 Round 3
15:00 – 15:55 Round 4
20:00 – Shop closes


Prize support will be from the latest OP Kit

Entry Fee; £5 by confirming attendance in advance or £7.50 on the day.

AGoT LCG 2nd edition5.00 GBPAGoT LCG 2nd edition ticket
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.


Drinks and snacks available on site.  Please do not bring food and drink in to the store.
Ample parking.
Refund policy – over a week to go = full refund. Over 48 hours to go = store credit. Less than 48 hours to go = no refund.

MTG Commander 2019 “Sealed Deck” Release Tournament

Save the date! We advise booking your place ASAP for this event as places will be limited.

– 3 rounds
– 2.5 hours a round
– Prizes depending on final standings
– Event price TBC. We expect it to be the same as 2018 (£40,) but await confirmation of the cost of the product from WOTC. Entry price includes 2 boosters added to the prize pool. The winner will also receive another pre-con deck of their choice. Depending on numbers, more pre-con decks will be added to the prize pool.
– Players play multiplayer games in pods of 4.
– Players are rotated between rounds to play against different opponents
– Decks are randomly assigned at the start of the day. You receive one of the 4 pre-con decks to use on the day and to keep thereafter.

More info to follow closer to the event time.


Warhammer 40k Random Doubles – 2000 points

Following on from the success of our first event, Alpha Games presents our next Random Doubles event!
Whether you like crushing the heretics, spreading corruption, or just eating everything this is the place to do it!
Head on down with 1k points and get a random teammate to go forth with and purge the enemy over 3 games.

10:00 Registration
10:30 Round 1 begins
13:00 Round 1 ends
Lunch break
14:00 Round 2 begins
16:30 Round 2 ends
16:45 Round 3 begins
19:15 Round 3 ends
19:30 Prizes and closing

Tickets booked in advance are £10 per person (£15 on the day).

Warhammer 40k Random Doubles - 2000 points10.00 GBP
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.
  • Unit 7 Shepards Grove (West)

  • Stanton

  • Bury St Edmunds

  • IP31 2AR

  • 01359 250707

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