MTG Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend!

This is your first chance to crack open the new Modern Horizons boosters, before the set is released! We will be hosting a series of casual events for players to try out the new cards together and have fun exploring the latest set.

Attendees can also reserve a box of boosters and collect it on this weekend too (expected to be £190 a box – TBC)!
These are extremely limited so if you want a box then let me know ASAP.

There are 2 events on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Sat 11am Draft
Sat 3pm Sealed
Sun 11am: Sealed
Sun 3pm Draft

The cost is:
£35 per Draft.
£56 per Sealed

This includes prize support, at the normal rate of 1 pack per win, of Modern Horizon Boosters!