MTG Commander 2019 “Sealed Deck” Release Tournament

Save the date! We advise booking your place ASAP for this event as places will be limited.

– 3 rounds
– 2.5 hours a round
– Prizes depending on final standings
– Event price TBC. We expect it to be the same as 2018 (£40,) but await confirmation of the cost of the product from WOTC. Entry price includes 2 boosters added to the prize pool. The winner will also receive another pre-con deck of their choice. Depending on numbers, more pre-con decks will be added to the prize pool.
– Players play multiplayer games in pods of 4.
– Players are rotated between rounds to play against different opponents
– Decks are randomly assigned at the start of the day. You receive one of the 4 pre-con decks to use on the day and to keep thereafter.

More info to follow closer to the event time.