MTG Commander 2019/20 Spring Season

The NEW Commander League is here!
4 Seasons, 10 weeks each, 4 winners and only 1 Champion!
There will be 2 games per week for a total of 20 games per season.
Who will win the Alpha Games Spring Season playmat? (Artwork to be comfirmed)

An 10-week long commander league, which will tally up points from week to week using the Prof’s EDH league achievement point system (

There following changes will also apply:
1 – Green cards:10 are drawn out at random for each game. The green card ‘Figurehead’ is removed.
2 – Black cards: these can be requested at the start of each game by any player. A black card will be assigned at random in such instances.
3 – Red cards: ‘Infinite Combo’ is altered to read: “If any player demonstrates that a series (more than 1 different trigger, activation or spell) can be put on the stack an unlimited number of times, the player utilising this series loses 1 point for each iteration after the 4th.”
4 – Blue cards: points gained from blue cards are capped at 2 points per game.
5 – 3 points are awarded to the winner of each pod.
6 – Games are to last 90 minutes. Game one will start at 7pm prompt. Late entrants will form a separate pod but will have less time to complete their games.
7 – Each player’s final league score will be based on their best 10 game scores.
8 – *NEW* There is 1 Bonus Point in Game 2 you use a different deck from your Game 1 deck.
9 – Pods will be created at random for game 1, then players will be paired against those with similar results from their 1st game (pod winners play one another, etc.)

At the end of the 10 weeks, your points total of your best 10 games will determine your final placing in the league.

The winner will also receive the Alpha Games Spring Season playmat! They will also play in the ‘Champions Pod’ where the winners of each season will battle it out for the title of the ‘Alpha Commander’.

Each week, entry is the cost of just £5. For each player we will add 1 booster to the prize pool. The prize pool is then split at the end of the league.

We will also add various promos to the pool. Everyone will get a prize at the end, but the higher you place the more bounty you shall receive! There won’t be a promo for every week now, but there’s still plenty of shiny goodness to be won!