Liam Hearne: Airbrushing Masterclass Course

The course is divided into two days. The first takes airbrushing beginners through the basics and the second builds on newly developed skills and knowledge to demonstrate the great effects that can be achieved with this tool.

Cost of the 2-day course will be £120 and will need to be paid in advance.
Payment is currently only being accepted via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer as our website is currently offline.
Please contact us for the details.

For those wishing to travel to this event and stay overnight there are several B&B’s in and around Stanton and in nearby Bury St Edmunds there is also a Travelodge.


The aim of this 2 day course is for you to be able leave on the Sunday confident in being able to create beautiful airbrushed transitions on your miniatures and absolute confidence in using your airbrush.

On day 1 we are going to focus on the basics of airbrushing, this will include understanding, cleaning and maintaining your airbrush as well as possible applications including how different paints will act differently depending on how they are applied. By the end of the day you will have the confidence to operate and maintain your airbrush as well as be able to create a smooth blended transition.

Day 2 we will focus on more advanced techniques including glazing, filtering preshading, working with low pigment colours and most importantly creating blended transitions on smaller surfaces. By the end of the day you will understand, and have practiced, some of the more advanced techniques related to airbrushing.

What you need to bring.
– You will need to bring with you an airbrush and compressor
– you will need a vehicle and a few infantry of your choice already built and primed.