Alpha Games X-Wing Hyperspace Trial

Alpha Games is pleased to announce our Phase 2 Hyperspace Trial!
Join us for a day of dog fighting with some great prizes to be won.

200 points.
Hyperspace Format.
There will be a number of 75 minute Swiss rounds based on the table below, followed by a single elimination top cut as appropriate.
Players Swiss Cut
9-12 4 Top 4
13–24 4 Top 8
25–40 5 Top 8
41-64 6 Top 8

Shop opens and registration begins at 8am with round 1 starting at 9am sharp.

Ticket sales will end on November 3rd to allow us time to arrange an alternate venue depending on numbers.
No refunds will be offered after the 3rd November.
There is ample parking available.
Food and drink is available in-store and we request that food and drink not purchased here is not consumed on the premises.