Alpha Games NAF Blood Bowl Summer Squad Tournament

Team Alpha Cup Rules!

Played over three rounds we introduce the first Alpha games team event! Get some mates, bring them along and roll dice for a chance to elevate yourselves to glory for the entire car journey home! Also win a trophy.

Over the course of the day each coach will play three matches with the squad (team of coaches) total becoming the deciding factor on who will take those trophies home. Individual rounds will be scored as follows: 30 points for a win, 15 for a draw and 0 for a loss plus 1 bonus point per touchdown and casualty inflicted. Surfs and fouls do count! Rocks (whilst amusing for the throwing side do not).

Other than the following amendments all the current GW rules are in effect including all supplements available at the time of the event.
Illegal procedure is not in use and we don’t use turn timers though you might get the hurry up if it’s taking forever!
• Each coach will have 1,100,000 to create their rosters. Team rosters must consist of at least 11 players. Star Players do count toward this total.
• Inducements are not allowed, except for Tier C and tier D teams, which may purchase any inducements except the wizards! Only Tier C & D teams may hire Star Players
• Star Players are counted toward the minimum of 11 players per team. If opposing teams have the same Star Player, both may be used (though one is an imposter so deserves a rock to the head). Maximum of 2 Star Players per coach.
• This is a resurrection style event meaning that star player points and injuries do not carry between rounds.
• There is a skill package outlined below, these skills are free on top of the money you have to spend. Go nuts.
• All of the ‘26’ teams are available for use. No Neil you can’t bring the Apes.

This is a team event! That means that you and three friends (frenemies, pen-pals, people you just met whatever) will be a squad of four skilled coaches! Each coach within a squad must have a different race selected from the list below and you can only spend a total of 10 points over the whole squad! Choose wisely.
Note that the tiers below may be different to expected. This is to encourage diversity across the day and not be too restrictive for individuals in Squads. If you want to come but you’re a coach or even three short of a squad (not the same as a sandwich short of a picnic) then please message us you won’t be the only one and we’ll put you in touch with other lonely hearts.
We expect you to have a clever and witty Squad name but will accept you even if you’ve just picked one in the car park.
There is an incredibly small benefit for not spending all 10 points. Unspent points are added to your team total at the end of the day! Probably making no difference whatsoever! Oh, and also these can be traded for style points which are the best kind.

The number of skills you can give your team is also listed here.

Tier A > 4 points
Dark Elf, Chaos Dwarf, Lizardman, Orc, Undead, Wood Elf
These teams will get 4 skills (no doubles)
Tier B > 3 points
Amazon, Dwarf, High Elf, Necromantic, Norse, Skaven, Bretonnian, Chaos Renegades
These teams will get 4 skills (up to 1 double)
Tier C > 2 points
Chaos, Pro Elf, Human, Khemri, Nurgle, Daemons of Khorne, Underworld
These teams will get 6 skills (up to 3 doubles)
Tier D > 1 Point
Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Slann, Vampire
These teams will get 8 skills (up to 4 doubles)

All skills are to be assigned before the tournament begins and should be clearly written or printed on team rosters, this cannot be changed! We would prefer if those players are clearly marked with skill rings or loom bands or something. We’ll have some available for you to use.
• Each player may receive no more than 2 added skills. A player can only have 1 double skill though.
• There is no limit on how many times you can select a skill, yes all four of your picks can be shadowing on longbeards even if it is a bit OP.
• Rosters and Squad composition will be checked during round 1 to save time. Please ensure that your roster is clearly printed and/or written!
Prizes are as follows:
A trophy for each member of the highest ranked team overall!
A trophy for the coach with most touchdowns!
A trophy for the coach with most casualties!
A wooden spoon for the coach with the lowest individual score (and free entry to the next Alpha Games Blood Bowl event).

Please bring your own pitch, dice, templates, etc. (i.e. everything you should need to play).

£10 entry in advance. £15 after 25th June.
Number of rounds depending on player numbers.

Alpha Games NAF Blood Bowl Summer Squad Tournament10.00 GBPBloodbowl ticket
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