Adeptus Titanicus 2000 points Tournament

The God-Engines walk to war! Be it in the name of the Emperor of Mankind or the Dark Gods of Chaos many Engines will perish this day!

Head on down to join the battle at Alpha Games first event for the awesome Adeptus Titanicus.

2000 point lists.
2.5 hour rounds.

Doors open and registration at 10am
Round 1 Start- 10:30
Round 1 Finish – 13:00
Lunch Break
Round 2 Start – 13:45
Round 2 Finish – 16:15
Round 3 Start – 16:30
Round 3 Finish – 19:00

We will be using all the normal rules and also the “stray shots” extra rule.
There will be no painting requirement and proxy weapons will be allowed at this event as long as you have a clear list of weapons for your opponent to view.

Entry for this event will be £10 if booked in advance and £15 on the day.